I’m a stay at home mom for two beautiful boys, Reagan and Charlie. Reagan is 7 and Charlie is 9. They’re the best people in the whole world.

I started out blogging because I had a bit too much spare time once the boys started school. I ran through a few different formats before settling on this one. Redesigns, complete overhauls, all of it. But it’s always for the best.

I’m 42 years old and I’m doing pretty well for myself these days. It started out a bit tougher, but that’s probably how it is for most of us.

I enjoy cooking. I do a lot of it. I really enjoy figuring out how to make healthy delicious meals as cheap as possible.

I enjoy yoga. It’s what keeps me sane, some days.

I love reading a good book. I don’t get as much time to read as I used to, but I still make sure to fit it in.

And I really enjoy writing.

Staying at home for the kids and managing the household has been a dream come true, most of the time. I get to focus on saving money and doing what’s best for the children every single day. I get to take the little bit of spare time I get and work on my writing and building my blog.

I pride myself in saving dollars and cents. It takes real skill to build the perfect life for your family on as little money as possible. But it’s something I have dedicated my time and effort towards for years now. I’d like to think I’m getting pretty good at it.

My tips aren’t just for the moms out there. Read my blog for ways you can save a few dollars and get ahead, no matter who you are. You won’t regret it.

Sara Proper